SOTBMusic: Five Days Until These Beats of Mine 2

I’ll keep this short. I’ve got to get back to stopping Aztec Gods of Fitness.

We’ve got five days until These Beats of Mine 2: An Unbreakable Golden Tendency releases on Audiomack and Bandcamp.

It’s helped keep me sane in a time period where things have gone left pretty quickly. Without getting into too many details (I’m sure I’ll discuss it at some point, either in music or on the site), the last few months have been somewhat hellacious. As usual, music has been there to keep me from completely going off the deep end. Below are the previous drops from the project, both Golden Wind homages/flips (don’t worry. Josuke, Jotaro and Joseph all still get their flowers).

As I’ve previously stated, my love for anime and music helps me with a lot. I hope that you enjoy these drops–and the project as a whole when it drops on Saturday (that’s my birthday, so I expect you all to raise this joint to the sky in honor of me). After this is The J Dot Era Vol. 2 on August 26th and then…I’m going on a Commercial Break of sorts. Maybe I’ll even bring a few people along with me this time.

More about that in due time. For now, enjoy the beats.

Speed on the Beat

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