SOTBMusic: IDK Gives a Beautiful Tribute to His Mother

When one loses their parents, it presents a hole that we’ll never refill. However, even in that pain, we grow. We become stronger because of what we were given through that parent’s love. When I lost my mother over four years ago, I was lost and chronicled that loss through music. I figured that if I could talk about everything, I could keep her alive in a way. I ultimately grew because of everything that happened. Even today, Mama Young still remains a part of me now as she did when she was alive. Through loss, we sometimes create some of the best work possible.

IDK also lost his mother and has turned to music to keep her memory alive. Today, he dropped an amazing cover of SWV’s “Rain” as a tribute for his mother’s birthday.

The video finds IDK planting a tree near a beach as his vocals permeate through the scene. The simplicity of it all creates a sort of serenity and definitely hits you with a bunch of emotions at once. While IDK’s ISHEREAL drops September 4, this detour from many recent tracks from the DMV native hit me on so many levels.

Life is beautiful, family is beautiful, and when a loved one transitions to the next life, it can be tough. However, we must make sure that their memory is everlasting, any way we can. Even in loss, love is infinite. Check out the cover and remember to support dope music in all its forms–and please tell your parents you love them before they’re gone.

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