SOTBMusic: C.Shreve the Professor Gives Us “The Glow”

Over a tranquil instrumental, C.Shreve the Professor gives his fans “The Glow.” A track that is less of Shreve lyrically assaulting the beat and more him riding the bass and drums like a surfer, “The Glow” shows diversity. It also showcases some of the Ashevillian’s biggest moments while still promoting growth.

Advising listeners to “choose what they water,” the three-minute track is lush and beautiful. It’s congratulatory, but also displays a hunger.

On a personal level, it reminds me of the process I’ve gone through working on Baltimore Commercial Break 2. At a certain point, you can step back and say “damn, I’ve done this, that, and the other.” However, for those still wanting another morsel or two, that only makes them hungrier to top whatever they’ve put out. That’s what I’m seeing in “The Glow.” There’s a “yeah, I made it” feel, yes. There’s also an “I still have such a long way to go with this” mindset that allows the track to shine even brighter.

It’s songs like this that keep me going, both as a fan and as an artist.

Check it out and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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