SOTBMusic: Staasia Daniels Gives Listeners Unheard Volumes

Staasia Daniels has been an artist who’s featured on SOTB a great deal over the last few years. The Canadian songstress has constantly honed her craft and, pardon the possible fanboy vibes, she deserves every flower anyone gives her. From her voice to her approach to her interaction with her growing fanbase, Staasia Daniels is an artist who you should get to know.

What better way to do that than listening to her newest project?

The eight-track Unheard Volumes features the track “Fall Back Game Strong,” a track that I spoke on in November 2019. Each song peels back another layer, leaving us with a project that dives deeply into love, lust, and the emotions that come with feeling our way between the two. As always, Daniels unearths herself for listeners to both comprehend where she’s coming from and act as a sounding board for those who’ve gone through the same thing. She understands that even when the proof of negativity is in the pudding, we may still go along with it because it’s comfortable to do so.

When Staasia goes sexy, it’s just as raw. However, as raw as she gets, I didn’t get uncomfortable listening. She gives us 90s throwback vibes with the new-age sensibility of a Jhene Aiko or Summer Walker. All in all, if you’ve never heard anything from Staasia, I recommend checking this one out before you deep dive. It’s as deep as the rest of her discography but has more impact behind its punches. Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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