SOTBMusic: A Bit About BCB 2.1

We’re about two weeks out from Baltimore Commercial Break 2.1: Infinite Full Cowling. BCB 2.1, for the unaware, is an extended version of BCB 2. The project clocks in at 24 songs to pay homage to Kobe Bryant. It tries to give the story less of a cliffhanger ending while expanding on the ideas presented in its base version. In short, expect a lot more contemplation about the family I’m building with my kids and the family I was born into. Things have been a bit chaotic between the release of BCB 2 and now, and those uneasy feelings have translated into seven new songs.

If you just want the newness, you could probably skip tracks 1-17 and start off with the new songs. I won’t be mad; 24 tracks can be a lot to indulge in, regardless the artist. So little ol’ me expecting everyone to check out 24 songs in their entirety would be borderline insane. I honestly feel elated when a person checks out one of my tracks. As long as I reach someone with one track, I’m good.

Regarding the cover, the photo chosen is important to me.

My mother had a habit of carrying photos of me in her wallet. The day she died, I found a photo of us from elementary school. I had some Mama’s Boy tendencies, mainly because I was her only child and she was older. The photo in question was taken in the spring of 1995, as I began prep to go to another elementary school. Down to my Richie-from-Family Matters hair, this photo was unequivocally mid-’90s. Simpler times in some ways.

I began carrying this photo with me in my wallet, as to say “Mama Young is forever with me.” Over the past five years, it frayed to the point I feared that I would lose it. I ended up copying and laminating the photo in an effort to save it. So far, it’s worked and I’ve felt Mama Young’s presence that much more. Musically, that’s led to an even-better focus and resolve.

The photo is also a stark contrast to the Son of the Beast cover.

While my father and I had a rocky relationship, my mother and I had a mostly great one. However, and I speak/expound on this in the project, it sucks that I haven’t been around my mother’s side of the family as much. Alcohol consumption on their end and an unfair association I’ve placed on them regarding my mom have kind of dampened my ability to be around that side of my family as much as I’d like. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom’s side of the family. My aunt Betty is awesome; my cousins, too. But when I think about them, I still think about them gathering at my stepdad’s house trying to help me put together Mama Young’s funeral program. I think about us all being in The Elk Lodge over east, my family drinking and everyone trying to keep it together for her sake. It’s painful and it sucks, but that’s where my head is.

As I get older, it’s one of those things I’m working on (therapy helps). I just hope that, by the time I wrap my head around it all, it’s not too late. The BCB 2 and BCB 2.1 covers convey those feelings. March 10th is going to be a turning point in all things SOTBMusic.

Thank you for enjoying my stuff and sticking with me, even when I ramble.

Speed on the Beat

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