Ricky’s Bad Sounds Bring Me to Miley

Where do we start when talking about Baltimore quintet Ricky? Their latest track, “Miley” is where I first heard them. That said, I started doing some investigating. You can’t know where a group’s going without knowing where they came from.

The five friends, Brent From School, GrayPex, Keichainz, Danny Lions and Jarett Loeffler, formed Ricky in 2018 as a way to bring their creativity together. Their first album, BadSounds, Vol. 1 was released in October 2019. It’s an eclectic project that sounds like a mix between Pigeons Playing Ping Pong meets BROCKHAMPTON with a pinch of early Logic and The Pharcyde. Jazzy jam band-esque beats allow the group to get into a zone of smoker-friendly boombap that has a bit of darkness to it. If nothing else, it’s interesting enough to keep you intrigued in the twists and turns. That’s not to sell it short, but it is to say that it’s unique in its approach to the modern rap boyband.

Back to “Miley,” we’re given bars from GrayPex and Keichainz that keep up the bad sounds from their debut.

It’s fun but sinister, happy-go-lucky but abrasive. It’s a party song and a cautionary tale wrapped into one. All in all, it’s a solid track that’ll keep me looking out for wherever the group goes, solo and otherwise. Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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