4kMicheal Doesn’t Want an Industry Girl

4kMicheal has always been the type of artist to march to the beat of his own snare and bass. His latest visuals for “Industry Girl” keep this idea going. The song itself discusses, as the rest of its parent project Forgive Me, I Am Alive does, what he needs out of life and what keeps him going. This time around, we hear more about what he wants out of a potential partner in crime.

The visuals go from “I see this cute woman doing whatever” to “love can be fickle and finite” in a matter of seconds. There aren’t many visual cliches to go along with the lyrics, making this take on love fresher than the norm. However, what stands out is its use of symbolism.

Flowers bloom and die as each woman he comes across makes their presence known. It seems as if he realizes the love he receives isn’t always the ideal, even if his morals want and crave something deeper. This is especially true as the closing scene features a woman relaxing on his lap, counting money he initially just threw around, a possible reference to how the “industry girls” will still make their way around him–even if he wants a more real and realistic love. It’s a stressful cycle, regardless of where you stand in the music game, but it’s one we all go through.

It’s a cool video that helps give a further insight into the track. If you’re looking for artists up next, 4k is definitely one from my hometown. When I say “my city’s amazing AF,” music like this is exactly what I’m pointing towards. Check out the video for “Industry Girl” and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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