SOTBMusic: A Brief Review of 4kmicheal’s ‘Forgive Me, I Am Alive’

Calling a project Forgive Me, I Am Alive instills a sense of defiance within the music. It’s a middle finger to Death itself.

4kmicheal’s project is defiant and dark, as he channels his inner demons to produce hurt-filled music. Released Monday, Forgive Me, I Am Alive was an album I wanted to hear ever since “TLC.” From the first track to the last, 4kmicheal implores listeners to ride with him through his storm. When we reach the end, we’re rewarded with something that’s Baltimore AF in its delivery, while also balancing gritty and melodic.

We’re also rewarded with a celebratory tone. While death stares us all in the eye on a daily basis, we must fight it to achieve greatness. Otherwise, we lose. Forgive Me, I Am Alive does this, and does it well. As the tracks go on, we go from that darkness to riding with 4k as he’s smoking and sexing on women. That shift is what kept me listening, seeing where he’d go next. By the end of the album, I felt as if I had a better grasp of who 4kmicheal was.

He’s an artist to keep an eye on. Check out the project below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

(Stream link for Forgive Me, I Am Alive provided by Odesli [f/k/a])

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