Carter Marie Presents ‘I.AM.U.’

When I asked Carter Marie what I should expect from her new EP, this week’s I.AM.U., she shrugged and said “more good songs.” To this, I responded “eff it, good enough for me.” I didn’t expect anything less than good music–she always provides good music. However, what I actually got was a project full of beautiful and bittersweet melodies.

Continuing from last month’s I Don’t Know What I’m Doing (read my review of that here), listeners get five more songs of grown R&B. On this EP, she vocally gives me less Jhene Aiko vibes and more NAO. There’s more vulnerability on this one. She lets us hear less of the reactions to fuckboys and more about her own flaws and fears in love and relationships. On the closing song, “Me Too,” she sings about a past love she tries to reconnect with after a drunken night of (possible) regret. In the midst of it all, she says that even though they’re over, “the reasons [they] broke up weren’t reasons at all.” It’s something anyone who’s been at the business end of a breakup can relate to. You question if it’s your fault or their’s and you ultimately, at some points, don’t give a damn; you just want them back because they got you, flaws and all.

It’s the relatable nature of Carter Marie’s music that draws me in. It’s not over-the-top in its attempts to appeal to its audience. Instead, her music gives simple stories about complex people, making this and IDKWID the perfect one-two if you’re trying to see why I hype her up as much as I do. Who knows? Carter Marie may become your new favorite R&B artist. If not, I won’t beat you over the head except to say “she’s dope and one of my favorites.” Check out I.AM.U. above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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