Carter Marie Knows What She’s Doing–Even As Some Men Struggle with Their Decisions

About a month ago, the homie Carter Marie dropped her project I Don’t Know What I’m Doing, a four-track EP. It’s been a busy few months, so I finally have had the chance to check it out. Like I said, she’s the homie and I’ll support her music in all its forms–regardless of when it dropped. It helps that she’s got pipe like a MFer, though.

It’s been a year since I’ve seen her and, in that year, she’s been busy refining her skills and giving listeners what they need and want from grown-up R&B. It’s not just about whose sex is the best, it’s about what happens when you move past just loving on each other. Right off the bat, the project has definite Jhene Aiko meets Ashanti vibes in her approach to love, dealing with others’ lust and schooling dumbass boys trying to be men. On a personal level, she’s never been the type who’s timid with folks playing with her emotions. From our days working together under the same bullshit management and beyond, she’s the type of woman who’ll bite her tongue for no one.

This project has that not-taking-any-shit mentality in full display. And I for one am here for it.

From the steamy “One” to the “I’m going to tell this dude about his bummy ass” “Broken Promises,” listeners are given four tracks about wack dudes, the games they play and the mind of the woman who deals with them. It’s both an interesting study of the “tired of the games” trope, but also just good R&B. You feel the pain but also the fed-up mindset she’s got going here. This is a nice introduction to her “EPEM” (or “EP Every Month”) plan and, if you’ve never heard me sing Carter’s praises for her voice or her pen game, an introduction to her as an artist. Check it out above via YouTube or and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

And please, don’t play games with the women in your lives. They don’t deserve that shit.

Speed on the Beat

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