Carter Marie Drops Her Almost Grown EP

Another EPAM release, Carter Marie’s Almost Grown continues to put modern twists on grown-up R&B. Where she excels is honesty. Yes, we know she can sing–sang, even–but what puts her over the top for me is that she’s honest with how she’s got things to learn in love and life. She’s vulnerable and you can relate to her struggles. On that same token, she’s strong enough to admit that she doesn’t have it all figured out and works to get things sorted. She’s also loves herself as much as she could love someone else, reiterating the idea that it’s okay to put your own wants and needs first.

It’s that type of maturity and honesty that is often missing from contemporary R&B. We’re always learning, until death if we’re lucky and living right. Check out Almost Grown below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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