Bryson The Alien Likes “The Way” Some Women Do Things

Bryson The Alien hit my line a few weeks back about his latest project, Keyboard Kid vs. Bryson The Alien. The EP features raps by Bryson, beats by Keyboard Kid and features from folks like Lil B. Today, let’s discuss “The Way” featuring Fat Tony, which dropped last week via his SumAlienz imprint.

Bryson utilizes a sort of whisper flow over this track while Tony’s bars cut through the beat. The contrast between the two artists is great to me. As diverse as their flows are, both artists’ flows are still smooth as butter over the toasty beat. It’s a nice combination of sounds aided by the spacey production helmed by Keyboard Kid.

Subject-wise, the song bounces from getting money to getting dope women to come their way. There’s a refreshing take on these tropes to be had, though. Bryson lists reasons why the woman he’s going after is incredible, including things like her vegan lifestyle and educational prowess. You don’t often hear dope lyrics and sexy vegans in the same sentence when talking about rap music. Bryson, as per usual, delivers a diverse take on loverman raps. Meanwhile, Tony gives us lines that are both funny and sexual AF–such as “I’ll leave it in ’til we get a son, or eat it up (yum).”

It’s a cool track for these autumn months, so check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.


Bryson The Alien’s “The Way” is a quirky take on the loverman rap subgenre of hip-hop.

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