Internet Strangers Want to Slide Away from the Negative

Kpark of the online collective Internet Strangers, which features ArmstrongWW, hit my inbox this evening with a short email that seem directed to another site. I was faced with two choices: be a bit abrasive and say “hey, make your pitches seem directly to the person you’re submitting to” or just write about the track anyway and let things…slide.

I’ve been trying to be less of an ass, so guess what won out.

“Slide” reminds me a bit of early Logic (in other words, the Logic I rocked with the most) mixed with a heavy dose of K.I.D.S.-era Mac Miller for good measure. It’s positive and all about embracing the sunlight in life to just recharge and rejuvenate oneself. With the way the world goes these days, a bit more positivity goes a long way.

This is the first track from the collective in about two years, since their Stranger Season was done solely through the internet, without any actual meetups. I’m here for that type of collaborative effort; many of the DAR Elite projects in the last year or so have been done in a similar manner, so I’m always a proponent of artists finding new ways to grow and create. The alternative hip-hop energies are strong in this one, as the artwork and overall feel of the song elicits skatepark-friendly vibes. Check out the track above via and remember to support dope music in all its forms.


Internet Strangers’ latest track, their first in two years, evokes feelings of early Mac Miller and Logic.

Speed on the Beat

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