Gravey Asserts Staying Power with “My Time is Next” Visuals

I’m glad a bar within Gravey’s new song/rad video was “Yeah I’m on their ass forreal,” because I was truly [too] comfortable in waiting for a while until the next drop from one of my favorite Baltimore rappers. Artists are wishy washy with timeliness and drops when a lot of the modern music industry for the working man is DIY, so the ideal de-facto mindset to have with your favorites is “I’ll see it when I see it and hear it when I hear it. Like a definite Beast Titan roar, Gravey lets you know you will see and hear his steps with “My Time Is Next”. 

The intro of the video wonderfully shouts out all collaborators for the video, showing Gravey is as thankful as he is filled with bars. The beginning feels like the intro to a Baltimore Men’s Warehouse commercial: “You’re gonna like the rhymes you hear, I guarantee it.” Pleasantries out of the way, Gravey commences his lyrical onslaught centering himself first. 

Gravey’s versatility with mastering different flows is as evident as ever, again displaying he’s putting forth heat as promised with his last project. He makes the most use out of his budget with very great shots of his Death Row Records apparel, him popping  fly syllables upon fly syllables from the tattoo artist chair, and while on the car with his woes.

“I ain’t trippin’ off an energy shift,

Yeah I’ve been moving like I’m supposed to on some militant shit”

The hook is as cold as the frigid temperature outside at the moment, which is meant as a compliment directed at Samo, as the hook is organic, catchy and unambiguously rap while staying melodic such as the hook for “We Major” by Kanye West. The beat compliments the verse of the second collaborator Solo as the song fades out.

You can follow Gravey on his socials (IG and Twitter) on @Gravey443 on Twitter and @poppagravey on Instagram and stream the video via Youtube and on his IGTV link.


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