Frvrxo and NighLawn Built Their Legacies by Themselves

Let me preface this by saying that I haven’t heard anything from Frvrxo before this one. However, his use of his voice as an instrument is one of those things you’ve got to appreciate these days. Add in NighLawn being NighLawn and you’ve got a banger. “Myself” is equal parts “I made my own castle” braggy melodic rap and “I wish I could trust others, but since I can’t? Fuck ’em all” music.

The way the Frvrxo rides the beat like a race car rides a track is dope and it reminds me of a mix of Rod Wave and Ty Dolla at his best. It’s one of those songs that’ll get stuck with you after you hear it and will make you want to hear more from the artist in question. At least, it did for me. After hearing “Myself,” I checked out the Heartless project. It’s definitely one that you should hear for yourself if you’re in the mood for melodic, hip-hop-flavored music on this rainy Christmas Eve. It’s moody without sounding depressed AF while also delivering some good content.

Start with “Myself” and stay for the rest of the project while remembering to support dope music in all its forms.’


I got introduced to Frvrxo through a track he did with NighLawn. I’ve got to thank her when I talk to her next.

Speed on the Beat

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