NighLawn’s “No No” is a Definite “Yes”

NighLawn’s 2019-2020 has been a calendar year in a sea of uncertainty. It’s wild to think now that, a while ago, the Virginia native thought about leaving music behind. Since the drop of her Aries EP through her more recent Free Lawn project, she’s been at the top of her game. A mix of sexually playful energy and “I’m even better than the dudes” wordplay and penmanship, I wait for her music like a child at Christmas. Instead of new toys, I get Lawn dropping heat. My smile is still just as wide, though.

Her latest song “No No,” which was officially released today, keeps that same vibe going. However, she ups the “I’m not here for the BS” mindset we’ve seen from her. Never afraid to burst a dude’s bubble, she coyly lets a prospective partner know that she’s out of his league. Regardless of how hard he may try to impress her and undress her, she’s seen it all before–doing so in a way that says “don’t sleep on me.”

Some artists may revel in the raunchy while Lawn’s sexiness is a bit more subdued. That, of course, doesn’t make the raunchy less than. I watched the same “WAP” video as you all did and enjoyed it. Lawn’s subdued sexy does help me be able to sneak “No No” into a playlist I’m driving the kids around to–and avoid having to explain why someone is “wet and gushy.”

Where Lawn subdues the raunchy, she brings in more of that “I’m better than your ex and your next” talk. She lays down the reasons why and most of them have nothing to do with her sex game. Plus, her slower flow to the track makes you drown in the words like some may hope to drown in…other things. They flood your ears and don’t let you up until she’s finished speaking her peace. But like some good sex, you’re left fulfilled and wanting more from her music.

That said, “No No” is a definite yes yes. Check it out above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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