Pharaoh Lamar Dually Channels Insanity and Clean Cut Artistry with Lyrically Loaded “Look Both Ways” Single

Pharaoh Lamar has been my favorite creative anomaly to discover in the past few months and for many good reasons. Whichever way you want to cut your perception of the Harford County MC, it’s hard to cut a gaze that doesn’t position Pharaoh as deserving of praise for both great rap ability and creative ability. Simply put, that boy good.

I wrote about Pharaoh in the beginning of 2021 and how he channels the negative emotion into positive (on his Gojo Saturo, IKDR!). 

“Look Both Ways” incorporates the same formula as his past works this year with the level of creativity retained at a high level for a local artist. Not even to be hyperbole, but the lyrical precision, rhyme scheme, flow, and eerily placed introspection within a short period of time makes “Look Both Ways” sound like a 2021 Notorious B.I.G interlude.

The scenery displays Pharaoh creatively using a storage facility to lament his frazzled thoughts to someone over the phone as the creatively executed video edits shift the colors and lyrics through the progression of the video.

Pharaoh unlocks great flows and pocket with lyrics such as: 

“Arrest the ones on the front page, front lines,

Look both ways before you cross mine’s’,

Landmines, Cut lines, Cut ties

Loose ends, fake cries, Asking for some FaceTime,

‘Knowing I don’t on Facetime!”

Pharaoh Lamar is a wizard of his craft that made me want to view the video again and again. You can too by checking out the YouTube link. 

You can stream the full single on Soundcloud and follow his Instagram @Pharaoh_lamar_ to keep up with the release of further content and projects going forth this year.


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