Alicia Drayton Delivers with Perfect Timing

Full disclosure: I didn’t really know who Alicia Drayton was before I got an email about her latest song “Perfect Timing.” That’s my bad, because she is a great artist from what I’ve heard of her (“Old Flame” and now this one). “Perfect Timing” has a smoky, sexy somewhat ethereal feel to it. In a sentence, Drayton reaches into your heart and tugs on it a little before whispering in your ear, sweettalking you into following her lead.

Her sound on this one was described to me as being a mix between lip-biting lyrics and subtle seduction. I’d say that’s right on the money here. It’s less about the sex and more about the lead up to the sex, while still being sexy. I like this one because it’s also mellow and chill and not really over-the-top raunchy. There’s a time and place for that, but this one reinforces the idea that R&B doesn’t have to be/can’t be just that.

The visuals definitely help with the mood of the song, as Drayton sings while the pinkish-purple tint envelops her. For those in tune with their colors, the lovely nature of pink aids this song in ways that another color couldn’t. In short, it’s a damn good video, even as it’s somewhat minimalistic in its presentation.

Check out the song above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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