NoFace, Rapper’s Black Gold EP is Dripping with Pro-Blackness

NoFace, Rapper had a bit of a quiet 2020–at least by his typical standards. He didn’t really drop music that often in 2020, but given the way our world was last year, it’s expected. Life came at us all fast in 2020, between COVID and racial injustices.

Now, in a pre-post-COVID world, NFR’s latest drop, the Black Gold EP, is a welcome return by the Virginia artist.

In fact, in a brief conversation, he mentioned that this is the first of a slew of content we’re slated to get from him in 2021. It’s a short listen, but one that’s as powerful as it is lyrical in its approach to pro-Blackness. Face has never been the one to shy away from anything–be it loss or Blackness–and Black Gold is no different. It’s both a history lesson and a celebration, wrapped into two beautiful tracks.

The title track details his life over the last few years and why he’s destined to be more than just a rapper. He embodies the mindset that Black is King and runs with it. It’s one of those projects that leaves you wanting more, but gives you enough to tide you over until the next drop. Additionally, any time an artist gets this Black on a track and does so without mentioning fictitious African countries (looking at…well, a lot of you) or going overboard with borderline self-stereotyping, we’ve got to give them their props. This is one of those times, for sure. I told Face that he had one with this and I’d like to think I know what I’m talking about.

Check out the project above via Bandcamp and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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