Carter Marie Provides Some Music to Get Hi 2

Double entendres aside, Carter Marie’s latest project is like what you’d get if Aaliyah at her most soulful had producers aside from Timbaland. That is, Hi 2, is a throwback that stays contemporary. As with other Carter Marie projects, it speaks at length about love, the foolishness we get into while in love and the aftermath of relationships past. But that’s what keeps her at the top of my list of indie songstresses I’ve covered. She knows her strengths and works to them every chance she gets. That’s not a bad thing, mind you; if it works well, you do what you do and you do it right.

With that said, this tactic makes moments where she does deviate from the expected that much sweeter.

For example, the title track is a breezy soul jam that, on first listen, feels a bit out of place on the project. Then, we get to the bridge. This is where Carter rap-sings that we’re going to do what the fuck we want. Granted, that line is probably meant for what she and her lover have in store for each other. However, it applies for the project proper as well. That line alone sets the mood for the project, as it’s literally Carter Marie giving us her soul however and wherever the fuck she wants to over four tracks. From the breezy to the dark, we get it all here. We get love gained, love lost, and the lessons learned along the way. What makes this one a logical progression from her first EPs last year is that she’s constantly evolving her sound and her songwriting abilities, choosing to never stay stagnant even as she relies on her strengths. That’s a quality many artists strive for, but not all grasp.

One of these days, I hope we’ll get a full-length album. The VA native is, at times, otherworldly with her pen game and her voice is beautiful. Until then, let’s get hi 2 these EPs and bask in Carter Marie’s excellence. Check out the project above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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