Bandcamp Friday Sale on Recent SOTB Projects

Hey everyone, your somewhat friendly neighborhood SOTB here with an announcement.

Since tomorrow is Bandcamp Friday, I’ve eliminated the sales price on For My NIGGAS, Caviar Dreams and Songs For… 2.

What that means is that, from for the next forty-eight or so hours, you can receive one of these three projects for free (or whatever price you wish to pay). The reasoning behind this is simple: I’ve always been an artist who prided himself on giving people inexpensive entryways into my music. What better way to celebrate Bandcamp Friday and all the amazing things indie artists do than to offer my latest projects for free if you so choose.

So why should you purchase from Bandcamp versus buying a copy on Apple Music or streaming it once via Spotify?

Simply put, I receive more of the revenue on the project than if I were to go through other DSPs. More money in my pocket means more money in the pockets of my collaborators (hi Benji) and more money for me to buy other indie artists’ stuff and give back to artists in the Baltimore metro area. It’s a great cycle of giving, one that shouldn’t just be limited to one day a month. Spotify streams are nice and awesome. I love Spotify, but it takes a metric ton of streams to equate to any substantial monetary gain. Unless I can count on you all to stream me ad nauseum, that’s not a viable long-term solution.

With that said, if you like what you hear, a purchase is always nice. But if not, spread the word to someone who would purchase some lo-fi hip-hop over trunk-rattling production.

Speed on the Beat

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