Shokus Apollo and SOTB Present “In My Face”

Over the course of recording with DAR Elite this past year, I’ve elevated my rhymes. I’ve also tried things I normally wouldn’t do (sing with a bunch of Auto-Tune, do heavy metal-esque songs, and so on). “In My Face,” a single from next week’s Apollo x Speed collaborative album Diamonds are Unbreakable 2, continues that energy of trying new things.

I’ve always wanted to make a song to, as I’ve said on IG, “get the asses wiggling” like Morris Day in Purple Rain. People may not know this from listening to my music, but I enjoy twerker anthems and sexualized hip-hop as much as the next person. When Apollo sent this one along to me, I knew that we had a hit on our hands. I also knew that this one would get the asses wiggling and twerking, so I was happy. Is it different than what you’ve come to expect from me? Yessir, but that’s the beauty of it. Elite doesn’t stay in one lane, especially when each member can do just about any genre well.

I hope you enjoy it as much as Apollo and I enjoyed making the song and its parent project.

Speed on the Beat

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