SOTB and Shokus Apollo Present Diamonds Are Unbreakable 2

Last year, I had the chance to collaborate with Apollo closely on Diamonds Are Unbreakable. DAU was a project that was equal parts JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure homage and gritty lyricism. It was a fun excursion from the realities of 2020. It was also a project that reflected the quarantine closeness–and isolation–we experienced in 2020. Recorded mainly in a lo-fi setting, we pieced the project together to showcase our music in the best way possible.

Today, we present the sequel. Diamonds Are Unbreakable 2 finds me and Apollo providing more of the same. However, we come into this project with another year’s worth of experiences to fuel the lyricism. Additionally, Apollo and I decided to have more fun on this project, hence a song like “In My Face” or “Lisa Lisa” popping up. There’s always time to be lyrical assassins, but we’re more diverse than just rappity-rap. DAU2 shows this, just as the Melodic Sphere duology did for DAR Elite as a whole.

What made this one special for me is that it’s the second project (third if you count the lost mixtape The End is Coming) where I share lyrical duties with another teammate. It’s a continuance of the last year or two of DAR Elite music, in that we’re branching out while still doing what we do as artists well. My favorite songs off the project are, in no particular order, “In My Face,” “Surgeon General” and “The Cold World.” I put “The Cold World” in my top songs off the album because of the way the chorus came about. Originally, I was slated to have a verse on this track and it was to appear on one of True’s projects. After some negotiations, we placed it on DAU2 and I got my chorus on, opting to let Apollo, True and Shxggy rap their asses off. In some ways, it calls back to the DAU1 outro, which was a solo Apollo track. I wanted to keep that same energy as this project, while it’s about me, it’s more about the growth we both have shown as artists and men over the years.

I hope you all like the project as much as we loved putting it together. Be sure to check it out, let me know your favorite tracks and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

Whatever you need to know about me, you can find out on Dad of two, cat dad (of two), mental health advocate, Team Support Dope Music in All Its Forms.

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