Haz2Real and Ty In The Sky’s 2REALINTHESKY is a Boisterous Return to Form

Haz2Real first graced SpeedontheBeat.com back in July 2020 with his Twan project, though his 2018 album I listed as one of my favorites for a list. In the months since Twan, Haz was somewhat quiet, but with good reason. It turns out he’s been prepping for 2REALINTHESKY, his latest collection of songs.

This one hits different than Twan for a few reasons.

The main way the two albums differ is that this project is a joint collaboration with Ty In the Sky. What this does is give Haz some respites on heavy lifting the whole way through. Instead, the duo and their cohort of fellow artists can shine brightly and shine equally. It’s a helluva effort, the way everything comes together throughout the ten tracks on the album.

In the vein of some of the joint albumss that’ve graced the site over the last few years, 2REAL highlights Ty and Haz at their best, leaving the naysayers slack-jawed at how their presence and delivery commands attention. It’s distinctly Baltimore without feeling exclusive to Baltimore; in other words, 2REALINTHESKY is inclusive of a lot of different sounds, flows and subjects. Additionally, the way that Ty and Haz bounce off each other is kinetic, with both artists responding to each other’s energy with more energy, more lyricism and more boom for your proverbial buck. Additionally, the project is just damn good. From top to bottom, 2REAL has bangers and songs for every time of the day, any time of the year.

Check out the project above via song.link and remember to support dope music in all its forms. Also be sure to keep on the lookout for Haz and Ty’s efforts; they’re two of many bright spots from the Baltimore area.

Speed on the Beat

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