Lex Rush and Jam Young Present a ‘Queens Affair’ on Collaborative Effort

Above, we have the collaborative album Queens Affair from Lex Rush and Jam Young. First discussed back when the duo dropped “Too Cold,” Queens Affair is equal parts love letter to the borough and a look into the day in the life while also just being good music. Whether it be fighting for equality and equity for minorities and people of color or a seemingly extended metaphor on “Friend Zone,” the duo bounce off each other in a distinctly old-school sort of way. However, what makes this one stand out for me versus just being another old school feeling project is this: Rush and Young rap, rap a lot, and rap a lot well. They still also understand that their voice is as much of an instrument as it is a weapon against inequality and ignorance.

Take into consideration the song “Wind Blows,” for example. A song like “Wind Blows” at first seems out of place with the auto-tuned intro and chorus. However, when Rush steps up and gets in her feelings along with Young, it’s a melodic rap-heavy track that mixes what the duo’s become known for with the emotiveness of a Childish Gambino. The album isn’t just super-duper flows and pouring from the emotional cup. On “Miss Me,” Rush and Young give us an anthem for those who want to prosper. The premise is simple: they want haters and nonbelievers to miss them with the bullshit. That said, the execution for me is what sets this track above and beyond some of the others with a similar premise.

All in all, Queens Affair is exactly what you’d expect from Lex Rush and Jam Young. It’s full of sharp punchlines and witty lyricism and still possesses quite a few bops. It’s a solid addition to both artists’ discography, one that, for Rush, has been growing over the last year or so. Check out the project above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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