Bowen Channels Mid-Era Weeknd and Khalid on “Say My Name”

Above, we have the latest from Houston Alt-R&B singer Bowen. Full disclosure, I had no idea who he was before I got an earnest and honest email from him yesterday. Full disclosure again, I really really wish I’d found him before yesterday. In a world where mainstream has become raunchy as hell and almost as dark as most rap, it’s refreshing to hear a track that, while wading in the darkness, doesn’t go into detail about how people aren’t shit or how they’re there just to please carnal desires.

Over a Weeknd-esque production (think early Weeknd but a bit happier-sounding), Bowen croons like fellow moody Texan Khalid a bit about needing someone to be with him, even though their intentions may not be the best for him. It’s not a happy song, for sure. However, it is one that kept me entertained and whistling the melody most of today. It’s good shit, y’all. In a less crass way, it’s one of the freshest alt-R&B songs I’ve heard in a minute. The subject matter isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but the way it’s presented is refreshing. Check out the song above to see what I mean and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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