Goodness Godson Presents As/Is

Goodness Godson’s latest is a mix between a delve into mental health and the harshness of Baltimore, wrapped into one incredibly melodic package. That should be enough to get people to listen. The brother rarely misses, and this is another example of that. However, I know you’re not here just for a few words on As/Is. Let’s discuss the album a bit more in-depth.

As/Is starts off with “Violence,” a track that’s as harmonious as it is blunt and abrasive. While Godson chooses violence when he wakes, that’s not the only thing he has to offer throughout the project and throughout his life as a whole. The album bounces from danceable songs about past traumas and issues to Cudi-esque musings about wanting to experience things he doesn’t usually. Sonically, the project reminds me of 808s and Heartbreak put through a distinctly Baltimorean filter. That is to say, there are sad moments and teachable moments as well as honest moments as well. They’re all presented in a way that’s unique; simple Auto-Tune vocals quickly give way and evolve into multilayered harmonies that discuss his truths.

Within these thirteen songs, there’s a story of a man who can do a lot but initially seems slightly unsure of where he wants to take his art and his listeners. That’s okay, though because the best answers are the ones that don’t come easy. On As/Is, nothing comes easy–even as Godson’s multileveled production style does. As we go through the album, the project begins to answer what one should expect from Godson moving forward but also answers the question of where does he see himself. This is another coming-of-age for the Baltimore artist as it surpasses his 2020 project, Everything is Selfish. The amazing thing about As/Is is that it came out an almost manic state; it was finished over the course of a week, becoming the epitome of the term “in the zone.”

Check out the project above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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