Khamari Wants to Get Away from “The Heat” on New (to Me) Song

In a few words, Khamari’s “The Heat” sounds like a mix between KOTA The Friend and Miguel.

Its laidback vibes complement its story about a relationship that seems destined to flame out. Overall, it’s one of those tracks that, even though it was released a year ago, feels pretty timeless. That could be the subject matter or it could be the song itself. Whatever the case may be, Khamari’s vocals are top-notch, sitting in a space seemingly between the “this is fine” meme and him sing-screaming “get me off of this crazy ride.” I recommend this one for anyone who’s looking for new-to-them R&B vibes. That’s especially because the Boston native is slated to perform at this year’s Day N Vegas Festival, which is being headlined by Kendrick Lamar and other names. Check out the song below, support dope music in all its forms and keep on the lookout for new music from the singer/rapper.

Speed on the Beat

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