Cartier J’s Looking for Revenge Against Broken Hearts

Cartier J is a thirteen(!)-year-old artist from Bed-Stuy. Sonically, he’s got a mix going that places him right between J.I. The Prince of New York and Pop Smoke on “What You Know Bout Love.” Lyrically, it’s admittedly a bit funny to hear a barely teenaged boy talk about breaking hearts and having his heart broken. However, then I think back to my own thirteen-year-old days and it checks out. I was a bit of a heartbreaker myself–even though that was actually a result of having my heart “broken” by my middle school crush. This ain’t about me, though, as I’m sure I covered that story years ago.

Getting back on track, “Revenge” flows well and kept me entertained throughout the two-and-a-half minutes it played through my speakers. The beat is very smooth and lends itself well to J’s sing-rap approach on this track. The way he floats over the beat shows that he’s also wise beyond his years, musically. Check out the visuals below and remember to support dope music in all its forms. While age is–in a few, but definitely not all ,ways–nothing but a number, it’s refreshing to hear the youngins making music that isn’t just “I’ma scam these folks” or “I’ma kill this person because of XYZ.”

Speed on the Beat

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