J. Tajor Praises His Lover’s Ability to Accept Him on “Why I”

Now, the main subject of J. Tajor’s “Why I” isn’t one that’s solely focused on him not deserving his lover. However, it’s a topic that plays well into the song’s existence. Over an acoustic guitar-heavy instrumental, the Melbourne, Australia native sings his heart out about his lover and how he’ll be there for them because they deserve it. He still questions why they’re giving him loyalty when he hasn’t done as much to deserve it, but it’s done in a way that also lets them know he’s not going anywhere even within his own self-doubts.

It’s a soulful contemporary R&B track in the vein of Blxst. That is, it’s not just a lovey-dovey R&B song but also isn’t one set out to degrade anyone. Check out the track below and let him know what you think over on his IG. As always, support dope music in all its forms as you never know where your new favorite artist(s) will come from.

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