Julian Atwater BENDs, But Will He Break?

Julian Atwater’s “BEND” is a dark track. There’s no doubt in that. It’s one of those types of tracks Shxggy (yes, DAR Elite Shxggy) would possibly love because of its macabre nature and storytelling all in one. Plus, it’s lyrical while doing the dark thing. The second half of the song somewhat devolves into a sinister stream-of-consciousness sort of track. This is while Atwater seemingly loses a part of his humanity and/or sanity, instead being swallowed up by the darkness he thought he was waging war against. He gives in to the darkness and resigns to his fate.

I’m a bit curious what the rest of his discography sounds like. That’s because he mentioned to me that this one was darker than usual. If it has as much storytelling present, he may gain himself a new fan. As it stands, “BEND” is one helluva song by itself. Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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