Dark KnightZM’s Asking Why You’re in His DM

Dark KnightZM is a Zambian singer/songwriter who is making his SOTBMusic debut. His latest, “DM,” finds the artist asking an age-old question: if you didn’t want me then, why are you sliding back in my DMs now? Of course, Dark Knight’s situation is a bit different from most exes wanting the other party back. In fact, according to the song’s backstory, his ex blew up his DMs after she heard he signed a record deal with METI Records. That’s definitely a glow-up, one that’d have even the most-trusting person questioning motives.

Sonically, the song’s melody itself is smooth and allows for the artist to sing his piece in peace. It’s got a vibe to it that’d place well in a chill playlist, but also a high-energy one. I believe that’s because of the production on the track and the vocals as well. The accompanying video features Dark Knight acting out the song’s story with a woman who didn’t want to be with him when he was still reaching for his dreams. While most of us don’t have a record deal, many of us can relate to the song’s story. That said, check out the video and the song below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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