RANI Sings About A Love Not for Social Media on “Exhibition Closed”

On “Exhibition Closed,” Dutch singer RANI smoothly sings about a relationship that she loves. That said, she also makes it known that she doesn’t need to post everything about the relationship on social media to know it’s real. In fact, she’s against exhibiting every moment of the relationship on socials.

As the song details, she believes that the sanctity of a relationship is maintained by not showcasing every nook and cranny for the world to see. I’m here for that type of philosophy since people these days can be oversharers. I’m also here for it because the mental wellbeing of a relationship can be bettered if people don’t give the world every ounce of energy they’ve got. I’m a huge fan of the song, as it’s poppy and infectious enough to have you singing along with it. However, it also has a deeper meaning than just creating a bop. “Exhibition Closed” appears on RANI’s 396 album, which also dropped today. Check out the visuals below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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