Flash E Williams Presents Still Waters

Over an Aretha sample, Flash E Williams provides listeners with just under four minutes of Black empowerment. Flash made his SOTB debut recently, so I knew what to expect—to a point. Now, “Still Waters” is beautifully pro-Black in that it speaks on moments in history that could have taken Black people down an even-darker path. However, he wants us as a race to keep moving, keep pushing and keep standing up to idiots who think less of us because of our skin.

It’s a bit defiant because it doesn’t hold hands through the darkness. Instead, Williams confronts listeners with the past and present of Black people in America. This is done, in my opinion, for two reasons. First, he does so in an effort to keep Black people in America pushing forward and prospering. Secondly, he wants non-Black people—specifically white Americans—to realize that they will never break the spirit of the Black person, even if they try. This is tied doubly into the audio snippets in the beginning and end of the song. It’s an incredible song from the artist, one that I recommend listening to. Check it out above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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