Redacted McFly Drives with One Headlight on New Song

Redacted McFly’s “One Headlight” builds from McFly rapping with no backing into an extravaganza of lyricism and poignancy. The beauty about this one is that it starts off unlike most tracks I post here. To be honest, for the first few seconds, I was a tiny bit confused/unsure if I would love this one. Fortunately, I know it takes more than a few seconds to know whether or not a song is a good one. So, after those first few seconds, we see that Red finds his footing, digs his heels in and starts rattling off multisyllabic rhymes like it’s nothing. After this, he decides to make the song abstract and, while somewhat based in contemporary sounds, a bit timeless in its approach. Everyone can relate to being that reliable engine in their circle who keeps going, even if it seems things are reaching a dénouement, reaching a finale. Once you add in a beautiful chorus by Rachel Maxann and you’ve got something that matches its owner’s label.

In other words, the track was a pure joy to listen to; it made me nod my head in agreement just as much as it made me nod my head along with the modern-sounding beat. Check out “One Headlight” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms. You never know when you’ll find a track that makes you break your neck as much as it makes you think.

Speed on the Beat

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