The Black Abstract and EwW Reel Their Audience in with “Fisher Boy”

On “Fisher Boy,” The Black Abstract teams with his fellow Non Graduates collective member EwW to drop some lyrical science on the idiots of the world. I’m sure that sounds a bit pretentious, but it’s more so that TBA and EwW rapped their asses off while still making a catchy song (that could even be danced to, if you listen to the chorus closely enough). That’s saying a lot and should tell you all you’d need to know about this one and why it’s got my stamp of approval. Alas, this isn’t Friday so there’re no SOTBMusic Quickies. So let’s talk about the visuals.

The visuals for “Fisher Boy” are of the B&W variety, featuring the two artists in a skate park. It comes off like a posse cut, with the duo having several folks who have their backs standing with them. However, it also just shows that TBA and EwW are having the most fun and living their best lives on this track. If you want some substance with your bops, you should like this one–as substance is there by the boatload. The visuals also give me slight Griselda vibes in that they’re clean–but gritty. Check out the visuals below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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