Fly Anakin and Nickelus F Trade Bars on “Ghost”

Where can I begin talking about Fly Anakin and Nickelus F’s “Ghost?” Should I start by discussing the production or the lyricism? The beat is produced by Pac Div alum Like and feels a bit like some Alchemist-esque vibes, which allows both artists to just black out and attack the beat in a way that has the two Richmond natives rapping rapping and doing so with a purpose and zest for life usually reserved for rookies trying to make a name for themselves.

The lyricism, on the other hand, is a bit otherworldly. No, there aren’t schemes where every syllable is rhymed with one another or something that screams “I’m rapping just to rap.” However, the punchlines, the flows and the metaphors used on this one? Yeah, they’re beyond solid. Anakin’s gotten on my radar more recently (even after Sto mentioned him as one of his favorites in our interview a while back). Thankfully, too, because I need DMV artists who aren’t just doing what typical DMV artists are doing. Anakin’s got bars and the video’s equally impressive. So check out the track today and do the thing. Support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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