MikMas Models a Novel Musical Equation with “In Divide of Duality” 

When Korean Baltimore Rapper MikMas humbly approached me to review his most recent project, I had no expectations, but could innately feel the aura of something new, something novel. MikMas’ most recent project, In Divide of Duality is exactly such. A brief project, IDOD represents a candid portrait of the different aspects of the rapper’s personality. You’re not gonna get the typical trap bangers. You’re not going to get this ostentatious casanova bragging about his harem across the city and beyond. You’re not going to be getting any type of pandering to any racial stereotypes. Whatever you get out of modern rap and rap throughout the decades, you shouldn’t expect here. IDOD is seven diverse tracks with beautiful instrumentation as the Baltimorean rapper barrels through a variety of flows and subjects matters of every thought on his mind and daily experiences.

“Ur Confused” started the album off with an outerwordly sound that felt like a blast off. MikMas spits a small story about a fleeting romance and the ambiguity of their relationship. 

“Cool Not” features another banging instrumental that MikMas gets to flowing over as he addresses a variety of topics. At this point it’s apparent that the man just has the gift no matter what he’s flowing about. 

“Tower of Odd” was my favorite track and I have found myself running it back multiple times in the past few weeks to admire the attack on the beat. As untraditional as it is in terms of flow, it sounds like a fresh adventure from start to finish all inside Mik’s wonderful mind. You can understand his political and anime interests as well. 

“Toxic (U N I)” is a nice love bop displaying Mik’s versatility, a more focused romantic song than the intro song. 

“Shake It Shambles” has the potential for a good dance song but more seasoned singing vocals would have solidified it as perfect. The rap lyrics and theme are still extremely well done. 

“Tempo Temple” again displays Mik’s range with flows and sagacious instrumental selections. Benjamin Banger and Mik are a marvelous ass combo from start to finish with this standout track. 

“No One” is a great final, breezy track that showcases Mik’s laidback flow. It offers accountability of self and ascension into a higher self to finish off. 

In Divide of Duality provided me with a fresh sound and soundtrack for the remainder of the year and into 2022. You can listen to the project here and follow him on Instagram @mikmasmotion .


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