SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 5, 12/17/21

It’s Friday, you know what that means. Let’s get into this week’s SOTBMusic Quickies.

Banquet – “Autumn Sky”

On a track that reminds me of something Solange would’ve put out on A Seat at the Table, Banquet (a soul group from NYC) and fellow NYC artist Amanda Barise make sure everyone eats. That’s important because the track, per the press release, was the representation of their ethos: “there’s enough food on the table for everyone.” And eat, the group did. Everything works so well together, as if it was destined to be. This is the first release from their debut EP, which is slated to drop in 2022. If it’s anything like the soulful and beautiful “Autumn Sky,” you’ll be taken to an audio wonderland.

LuminaThaPoet – “In My Feelings”

This one grabbed my attention because of Lumina’s flow and lyricism, which comes out in spades. Lumina’s dedicated to speaking truth into lyrics, while also allowing the track to serve as a sort of therapy. The Nigerian-born artist gives listeners a look into her mind, but also a look into their own. The track features on Lumina’s Heart Check album, so if you’re feeling this one…do the thing and check out the album proper.

Public Domain – “#Toyland”

Featuring Questlove, Black Thought and other legendary artists, the new Public Domain track reminds me a bit of “Hip-Hop Is Dead” on a sonic level, but with a bit of Holiday merriment. Said merriment is a bit twisted to delve into spirituality and rebirth, one of the overarching themes of the song, as well as a video that finds our Protagonist dealing with the seven deadly sins. Just like “#AlcoholicBlues,” “#Toyland” has its roots in an older song, this time “Toyland” from Babes in Toyland. The original song deals with a loss of innocence, while the PD version does the same–just a lot more abrasively. The horns here are great (and played by Dave Guy of Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings fame).

Ghostnaut – “Willow Tree”

This instrumental is sort of like “#Toyland,” in that it aims to capture a specific mood and feeling. However, where the Public Domain song dealt with the loss of innocence and spirituality, “Willow Tree” delves a bit into reminiscent vibes to try and recapture what has been lost to time. I like that the beat doesn’t overstay its welcome (it’s over in about 2:15) and leaves you wanting more from the Canadian multi-instrumentalist.

Rebekah Faidia – “Songbird”

A slightly more mellow song than what I’d typically post on SOTB, “Songbird” features American soul singer Rebekah Faidia speaking on freedom and utilizing the image of a bird learning to fly to act as an extended metaphor for growth and learning one’s own strength. That’s what I took from it, at least. Hopefully, I made the mark. Either way, it’s a beautiful song, one that’s a necessary listen when you’re feeling a bit down about things.

Oh He Dead – “Bottle It Up”

Another American soul group, Oh He Dead’s “Bottle It Up” deals with those first feelings of love and how they have you drunk off of lust, love and playful sexiness. I love the playfulness of the video, which adds to the awesomeness of the song overall. You can tell the group loves music and loves love. THAT, my friends, is good enough for me. It also helps that the song is infectious as well, so even if the video wasn’t as cheeky as it is, I’d be a fan of this one.

Micah Super & B.C. Hill – “remember”

This one has a Twenty One Pilots meets Mac Miller sort of feel to it, mainly because it’s got that nostalgic, “I need those old days back–even if that’s impossible” energy about it. I like the laidback aspect of the song, because it helps make the “I want those old days back” vibes more poignant. This one even has a bit of a DMV-area vibe to it, since Micah’s from Fairfax County.

Next week, we may not get an SOTBMusic Quickies piece (I mean, it is Christmas Eve, after all). However, the above songs should last you until the new year. If not, I guess I’ll be back here, telling you to support dope music in all its forms.

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