SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 10, 1/10/22

It’s Monday, you know what that means. After celebrating Ashley’s birthday this weekend, it’s time to get back to SOTBMusic. Forgive me for being a bit slower, but I’m still recovering (read: I had enough tequila this weekend to fill a fifth by myself). Music, however, always speeds up the process. So let’s get into today’s Quickies.

Elaine Kristal – “Nasty in the Morning”

Elaine Kristal‘s latest track is freaky. That’s about all I can say about it without giving it away too much. However, it’s just as sensual as it is freaky deaky as the songstress lets her lover know that she’s ready for a morning of sweet nothings, sexy beginnings and (for the lack of a better term) happy endings. I love her vocals, because they’re relaxed, but also still very sensual. The production here is also pretty top-notch as it sounds very radio-friendly, but still manages to be its own thing entirely. This one makes me want to go get freaky with a special someone, so I guess that means “mission accomplished.”

Tom Sundog – “Tunnel Vision!”

When I turned this track on initially, I got Frank Ocean-meets-JPEGMAFIA vibes from it. It’s got that industrial R&B sort of feel to it. I like the fact that this one deals with mental and physical health issues, specifically agoraphobia and dealing with that while living in the city. I love the production here, because it’s equally smooth and all-over-the-place (in a good way) which puts you more into Tom’s state of mind. This one should be available on DSPs shortly.

Rah Figgy – “Drive”

Sonically, this reminds me of a mix between Bryson Tiller and Mike Posner. That’s the best way to describe this one. “Drive” is a song about how Rah’s special someone makes him lose his composure, comparing their love to a high-speed race. What makes this one stand out the most to me is Rah’s vocals; they’re lush and full of volume while also being a bit sweet and tender.

Brittany Campbell – “Eternally”

A song about the dissolution of a relationship, Campbell’s self-animated video combines the sound of a Teedra Moses with a H.E.R. That is, there’s a distinctly old-school vibe to this one, but it also feels perfectly at home in 2022 R&B. I love the visuals, because they showcase Campbell lounging around the house, trying to sort herself out. I also, like everyone here thus far, love her vocals because they’re smooth and silky, but also give a lot of pain through them.

Indigo Son – “Be Someone”
Indigo Son said that his latest track, “Be Someone,” would remind me of Leon Bridges and Mac Ayres. I can’t think of a better comparison, because the song is sonically smooth and full of blues fusion moments. From a songwriting perspective, the song is about the dissolution of a relationship like “Eternally.” Like “Eternally,” there’s a bit of hope for the future because Indigo’s trying to rebuild himself from the ground up to be a better person and partner for whomever comes his way next.

Sonny Hendrixx – “Poison”

The first rap song of this round of Quickies, Hendrixx’s “Poison” reminds me a bit of my own “SeRoquel” from TSL1, mixed with a bit of “Love The Way You Lie.” Sonny’s got bars on this one, as he’s not just talking about romantic relationships that are toxic. Hell, he’s speaking on every sort of toxic relationship. The beat is produced by Beats Craze, who’s handled some production for the late Pop Smoke among others and it’s very moody–which adds to the vibe of the song overall.

No Komment – “No Time”

NK’s first 2022 release finds the artist vibing out while giving us a bit of a playful flow. It’s good shit, but it’s lyrically sound while still being a bop. He’s etching out his own path and I’m here for it. The beat on this one reminds me a bit of a Jack Harlow beat, which complements Komment’s flow on this one a lot.

D’Sound – “Flashback”

This one has a really chill vibe to it, while the group gives us soulful music that brings the group’s original members back together for the first time in about four years. This one’s featuring on their 25th anniversary collaboration, 25, which is due out in about a week or so. If “Flashback” is any indication, we’ll get smooth vibes that are equally sexy and throwbacks to older energies. In other words, we’ll get some soulful music from the Norwegian group.

Happy Monday and go do the thing: support dope music in all its forms.

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