PFM Lavish Lee Melodically Raps on “French Cocaine”

This song should be on all DSPs by the time that this piece hits. That said, I wanted to talk a bit about PFM Lavish Lee’s “French Cocaine.” Now, you all know I’m not the biggest “sing-rap” fan. That’s mainly because many artists don’t use their voices as instruments as well as others. However, when it’s done right? It’s known to put out masterpieces.

PFM Lavish Lee’s song feels a bit like a Rod Wave sort of track. That’s in the sense that both artists employ a similar style. What makes Lavish Lee stand out amongst those who sound similar is that there’s a lot of hurt, but there’s also an underlying current of “things will continue to improve for me” that permeates through “French Cocaine.” When he raps that he almost gave up on himself, you feel that he could’ve given up. If he did, though, that wouldn’t have made much sense because he seems like a fighter more than anything. I like the usage of a snake wrapped around the mic, as it kind of gives a bit of a “my music is a forbidden fruit known to unleash truth through it.”

Check out the visuals above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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