The Eska Urges You to “Go with the Flow” on Latest Track

I found this song in my SubmitHub submissions. Truth be told, it normally wouldn’t get much of a reaction out of me. That’s because it’s a pretty pop-friendly tune, sonically-speaking. The beat is very radio-ready. However, the lyricism was great; the bars Eska employed on “GWTF” were top-tier. That was enough to make me break down the walls and listen to it a few times since getting the submission, eventually saying “yes, I’ll write about this one.”

The way he blends pop sensibilities with bouncy flows and lyrically-sound bars is something to pay attention to if you’re looking to get my attention with a more-poppy sound. Lyrically, Eska wants to hammer the point home that we don’t always need to be on go with regards to our goals and aspirations. Sometimes, it’s okay to just chill out and let things happen as they may. It’s a pretty energetic song, one that’s upbeat as well as a bit inspirational.

This track is definitely unique and overall? It’s a great song, one that garnered my attention for sure. Check out “Go With the Flow” below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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