Who.I.Am Discusses Love on “The Usual”

Who.I.Am has a bit of a Weeknd thing going, in that he hasn’t revealed his face after releasing his first single. Mysterious nature aside, the singer/rapper’s first single, “The Usual,” is a beautiful soundscape of heartbreak and redemption of sorts. The young brother’s going through heartache with a woman who’s not really giving him everything he needs. In fact, she’s also deceitful and likes to revel in WIA’s anguish, even though he feels like she’s the one for him. For the sake of his sanity and his heart, he’s trying to move on from the BS she’s putting down.

I’ve also considered his bio and that he’s trying to do something different with rap. He mentioned that he wants more than just getting money and hood stories. Because of that, I see a slight double meaning here. To me, I also see this unnamed woman as a metaphor for the streets, in that the streets don’t love you back, even if you’ve got love for them.

I feel that this one is mainly about a relationship that’s gone to hell, though. Additionally, there are moments where we see how the young man in question’s going to rebuild himself after seeing things go awry. Either way, the song is incredible and has me hyped up for whatever else Who.I.Am has coming out in the coming weeks.

His debut album, Colors of Love: The LP, is due out mid-April. If it’s anything like this track, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for it. Until then, check out “The Usual” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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