Linqua Franqa Preaches Pro-Unity–and Pro-Unionization–on “Wurk”

Over a bombastic beat, rapper/linguist/activist/politician Linqua Franqa attacks corporate America for being against unionization of the workforce–and being overall racist AF. Their song calls each of us–especially those in the Georgia region–to stand up against tyrannical practices and billionaires stuffing their own pockets. The song employs radical hip-hop, boombap, call and response–even a bit of gospel–to hammer the point home that unionbusting and racist practices have no place in 2022, regardless of what the Federal Government has to say.

I love Linqua’s social consciousness, as they remind me of Lupe Fiasco in the way they’re blending all these styles into some beautiful protest music. It’s kind of like “Dumb It Down” meets “American Terrorist” in its approach. This one is for the laborers, “the people driving FedEx trucks” and is saying that they don’t have to take the BS they often get handed by the corporations.

I’m here for this, even though I’ve probably bought my fair share of Amazon stuff Though I always tip the workers in any way I can that doesn’t have them at risk of losing their jobs, eventually you’ve got to make a stand and ask: which side are you on? Are you here for the billionaires getting richer or are you here for the masses getting their just due. I don’t know about you, but I’m here for the masses getting their just due. The billionaires have enough money. Check out the track below and support dope music in all its forms. This song is slated to be on the upcoming album Bellringer, which is due out April 22nd.

Speed on the Beat

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