Ainae Presents Her Latest, “Numb”

DC native Ainae’s “Numb” is one of those songs that brings heartache to the forefront. The Howard University student and singer-songwriter’s vocals remind me of a mix between Jhene Aiko and Victoria Monet (two artists she likened herself to) with a smidge of Ari Lennox as well. The song itself is tender, vulnerable and still strong at the end of the day.

She knows that heartbreak and heartache is a part of life. Additionally, while she’d rather be numb to the pain, she knows the pain will eventually subside. That is, as soon as she gets her ex off her mind. It’s a bit harder, considering the history between them–but not impossible. She’s just got to cry a bit, blow off some steam and put the past rightfully in the past. That process is something I can relate to as I’ve been in her shoes.

If you’re in the middle of a breakup–or if you just love good music–check this one out below, commiserate for a bit before you move on and remember to support dope music in all its forms. I’m looking forward to what the Souteast DC native has in store for us moving forward.

Speed on the Beat

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