Bito Sureiya Presents “Dark Fantasy Biscuit” Remix with Rafa Solaz

Above, we’ve got the latest from Bito Sureiya, a remix to his “Dark Fantasy Biscuit” track produced by Rafa Solaz. This specific version was the winner of TheNASA8’s Robblefest event last year, which featured a lot of dope remixes and re-creations of NASA8 songs. On this one, Bito raps his ass off over a soulful, jazzy instrumental crafted by Solaz. If you heard the original (here’s the Spotify link if you haven’t), you’re in for a treat with this remix/remake.

Rafa captures the frenetic lyrical attack by Bito quite well and turns the song into another stellar creation. This is but one of a few tracks Bito and TheNASA8 are coming out with this year. In a conversation with him, Bito mentioned that there are (at least) two more drops coming this month, plus a short project with producer TEK.LUN on top of songs with Chris Cassius. In other words, brother’s busy AF this year.

I’m here for it, because it gives me the chance to talk about one of the most-creative Baltimore/DMV artists I’ve heard in a while. Plus, it gives me the chance to support dope music. Do like I do and check this one out above and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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