SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 43, 4/20/22

Happy Wednesday everyone. We’re a bit late on this week’s first Quickies post. As I explained on IG, I’m doing these mainly on my own with the rest of the SOTB team working on pieces that are a bit more long-form. It’s that way by design, since I love writing long-form, but usually don’t have the time to. That said, it’s also 4/20. While I don’t smoke weed or do edibles (swore them both off a few years ago; that’s all I’ll say), more power to you if you do. This collection of Quickies, the Troy Polamalu edition, should give you some turnup, some smoker’s anthems and some lovers tracks for your evening–regardless of if you smoke or not.

Scotty LVX x Rick Ross – “Receipts”

This one comes from Scotty LVX with an assist from Rozay, who’s carved a lane for himself over the last decade-plus as the guy you go. That’s especially true if you want rich nigga raps with your feature. “Receipts” is rich nigga rap to a T with an R&B/rap edge to it. That’s since Scotty can hold a note as well as rap. If you need something to ride out to with a beautiful woman who’s rich in more ways than one, this one would definitely be in your wheelhouse.

Third World Don x Kent Jones – “Slip n Slide”

Are you a freak? It feels that DAR Elite aren’t the only ones asking that these days. TWD and Kent Jones’ “Slip n Slide” is freaky and, well, about a woman who’s experienced in that nature. There’s not too much else I can say about it, but I will. I love the production, as it’s smooth and a bit laidback. I also enjoyed both verses because they were, to paraphrase 2 Live Crew, as nasty as they wanted to be.

STN-_- x REKS – “Top 2 Bottom”

From freaky raps to lyrically-dense hip-hop with a healthy helping of wit and truth, “Top 2 Bottom” features the duo of STN-_- and REKS ripping the beat to shreds with a great deal of pro-Blackness and pro-let’s-buy-back-the-block. Equal parts dope rap song and blueprint for success, “Top” is a amazingly-done rap track about getting your just due and building upon that with your team and those who helped you get there in the first place. I love this energy, plus the flip of BIA’s “Whole Lotta Money” on the hook is dope as well.

Stoney Hoop – “Native Tongue”

The second single off Stoney’s upcoming album due out on Friday, “Native Tongue” has a Kendrick sort of feel to it mixed with Spitta. I think it’s his matter-of-fact flow about the state of hip-hop that grabs me the most. I mean, the brother spits “all my favorite rappers are dead/what that say about us” on a verse on the track while discussing the labels getting rich off darkness and toxicity, be that toxic masculinity or toxicity in regards to what’s considered “real.” This one’s got me intrigued as to how the rest of the album’s going to play out. You’ve got my attention for sure.

Kenny Dreams x Iz LaMarr – “Gimme All Your Love”

An anthem for the lovers and those seeking love, “Gimme” feels like a mix between Wiz Khalifa and Jeremih. In other words, it takes you back to those 2010s rap/R&B collabs but still manages to be a fresh take on “I want to see what you’re really about.” As Kenny Dreams said to me in introducing himself, it’s an anthem for sure. I like the bounciness of the beat; reminds me of something I’d have on my iPod back in the day.

Benji D MC – “QUILITY”

This one grabbed me because of its abstract nature. The video features Benji in front of a camera discussing his experiences as an artist and as a human while also discussing the realities of those around him. The production is bouncy and a bit out there, but fits for the lyrics here–especially because Benji’s just flowing in a stream-of-consciousness sort of way about life.

DJ $crilla x Wesley Bright – “Freedom”

A more conscious rap track about achieving freedom from the somewhat tyrannical rule of prisons, policing, etc., this one’s got a Roots sort of feel to it. That’s probably because it sounds like a live band’s producing the sounds hitting you in the face along with the Black Thought-like lyricism. A line that grabbed me was “I want you to see my color because it’s like no other.” I loved that one because, too often, non-Black folks will say “I don’t see color” without realizing they’re playing part to the erasure of Black culture and Blackness.

Rebellion x Matt Nye – “Run Ya Pockets”

The best way to describe this one is simple: “trauma + childhood = cautionary tale of the way things can [screw] up if you’re not careful.” Matt Nye’s been on a run, with songs like “Gator Tummy.” His beatmate Rebellion also speaks about the realities of life. I liken this one to something like a sequel to “Gator Tummy” in some ways because it keeps some of the same energies while also educating people about the harshness of life while just being a listenable bop.

DSB Lair – “My Mind”

A song about moving upward and outward, “My Mind” got my attention because of the smooth instrumentation DSB Lair got for this track. Like, the lyricism and the subject matter is top notch. But that beat?! The beat makes the song pop that much more because it’s a beautiful, Sade-esque production that allows DSB Lair to discuss about that overcoming of obstacles.

Mase Well x Sylvan LaCue – “Fish Bowl”

Another dope song made even doper by an incredible beat, “Fish Bowl” features Mase and LaCue talking about going to grab what’s destined for them. I love the jazzy production, though, like with “My Mind” above, the lyrics are also solid as well. But that beat?! Two times in a row for incredibly done beats isn’t anything new for Quickies, but these beats here? Impressive. This one’s been in the works for at least a year (two if you count that Mase left music alone for two years before coming back with this one).

Manic – “like me”

Manic produced, mixed, wrote and mastered “like me,” which gets my attention considering I’m one of those multihyphenated peeps as well. “like me” features some hard-hitting lyricism while also being a track that doesn’t really feel out of place in any playlist. I loved the second verse because of the gruffness it starts off with.

Noa James – “Flower Power”

A slightly trippy production allows Noa James to experiment a bit on this 420-friendly track (without being solely about smoking weed). It’s a different sound for Noa, but not one that feels completely out of place. I liked the autotune employed here because it adds to the psychedelic nature of the song.

Brotherman – “First World Problems”

The lead single from Brotherman’s Thief of Always album, “FWP” finds the British songwriter/wordsmith discussing how our society (specifically “the first world”) sometimes makes mountains out of molehills and how we should take everything and put it into perspective. I like this song because it, well, helps put things into perspective.

TUBBZ – “Trouble”

I like the production here, but I feel the flows and the lyrics make the beat work much better. The song is essentially about keeping vigilance around people and feels like a mix between mid-2010s UK rap and a bit of trap and conscious hip-hop as well. It also, like “Run Ya Pockets,” offers a bit of a cautionary tale of street life and how it may not be all it was back in the day.

Busty and the Bass x Jordan Brown – “Memories About You”

A “pure R&B” song that also feels like something you’d hear from Andre 3000, “Memories” is about loneliness, separation and the pain that often comes with breaking up with someone. That’s especially because it’s also got a bit of “I could’ve changed, but I just don’t want to” vibes to it and how those vibes can break even the strongest couple up. There’s that twinge of self-doubt that comes up because of them, and it sometimes can color everything around the person–including their art. “Memories About You” features on BatB’s KARNEVAL EP which is coming soon. The EP is “a collection of soulful late nigh hip-hop centered around the theme of an abandoned fairground,” so a fair share of nostalgia will be evoked throughout it.

Sarah MK – “Pancakes for Supper”

Part-“Breakfast Can Wait,” part jazz fusion R&B song about wanting to be with that special someone, “Pancakes” continues the vibes we’ve gotten from Sarah MK thus far on SOTB. Her last track before this one, “MITTOS,” was more about just making it through. “Pancakes” is a bit sexier, a bit more playful and a bit more happy–which results in a complete 180 from “MITTOS” and shows Sarah’s diversity as an artist.

Miraaje – “Don’t Let Me Go”

A song that, from the jump, evokes “Hrs & Hrs” with a mix of Alicia Keys, mysterious artist Miraaje’s “Don’t Let Me Go” is a slow burner about trying to find that happy medium between holding onto that special someone and still maintaining a bit of a sense of self. I love this one, because I’ve recently been involved in a situation where I’ve lost myself within someone else–and, for the better, I’ve grown because of giving my everything to someone. This one’s one of those songs for those late-night linkups.

Happy 4/20 Night and turn up–respectfully and safely of course.

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