Premiere: UglyFace’s “SEGA” is a Time Capsule of a Simpler Time

Happy Thursday everyone. I hope you’re ready for some great music, as I’ve got a World Premiere from Cali-centric group UglyFace here. Hot off the press, I present to you “SEGA.”

The song officially drops tomorrow, but I was able to get the scoop and snap SOTB a premiere right here and now. “SEGA,” off UglyFace’s upcoming ’96 EP, finds the group speaking on life in the 1990s, specifically life as young Black men in the mid-to-late-1990s. Using the Sega Genesis and Dreamcast as the timeline of the story presented, “SEGA” features the group rapping over a Streets of Rage sample to discuss childhood issues and fun times.

UglyFace has been on my radar a lot over the last few months; this is the first song from their upcoming EP.

The whole thing is wrapped up in capturing that feeling that we all had coming up in the 1990s. As UglyFace’s Kevin Farpella discussed with me when he introduced the song, he was (also) born in 1988. As such, there’s a certain bond between us late-80s/90s babies that’s like “if you know, you know.” Blowing on cartridges and trying to stay cool–and, in some instances, alive–were commonplace. If you’re younger, you may not understand but let me tell you: I know exactly where the group’s coming from on this one. The way that they were able to piece everything together on a track that isn’t exclusive to our generation (but captures our generation) is a work of art, truth be told. It keeps some of the same energies from their The Good EP (streaming now), but also manages to bring in new sounds and wrinkles to their sound.

As mentioned, the song officially releases tomorrow. However, if you can’t wait and want a sneak peak into the continued evolution of UglyFace, I’ve got you. Check out “SEGA” below (while supporting the official release) and support dope music in all its forms.

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