Bryson, The Alien Presents the Lo-Fi Conscious Rap Track “I’m Out”

This song is in that sweet spot between lo-fi sampled alt-rap (think Pharcyde or even yours truly) and DIY pop-soul (think bedroom pop meets Motown). It’s a bunching of genres that’d be a hot mess in many an artist’s care. However, Bryson’s soft-spoken flows and the vocals from his teenaged vocalist, Swedish singer Signe Baburin, work to create a feeling of “I’ve still got something left to give, even if I feel exhausted.” It’s a track that has some dark undertones underneath its poppiness; the song is about feeling tired of dysfunction within a relationship. I think that’s why it works. It’s poppy and airy, but also weighty and just the right amount of heavy.

This track is slated to be the first single from Bryson’s upcoming Fall 2022 album. I think this one’ll help keep him in various conversations as another one-of-a-kind artist. If you’re feeling this one, you know what to do: check it out, support dope music in all its forms and be on the lookout for more from Bryson, The Alien. This is the first of hopefully many releases the artist will drop with PNKSLM, his current label.

Speed on the Beat

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