SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 59, 7/8/22

This week has, unfortunately, been a shitshow. I don’t mean just for me, of course, though my week’s been mighty hectic. If you’ve been up on the news, you’ve seen the world turning inside out. From assassinations to governmental collapses to inflation to racism to shootings throughout the world, it’s times like these that we need good energy and great music to help get us through the storm(s) in front of us. Times are crazy AF. Unfortunately, this is a given in the 2020s; been that way since before “the ‘Vid” hit our lives. Still, we’ve got to keep pushing. Otherwise, the negativity will win out and then? Then, we’re all screwed. No one accomplishes anything if they’re mired in negative thoughts and surrounded by negative people.

I hope that my selections today can help put you into a mood to achieve peace–inner and outer–and/or achieve a goal for the greater good. Lord knows we need more positivity. With today being the Friday after July 4th–at least in the DMV–I wanted to highlight more songs about freedom and freedom of expression. We live in a world where you can truly be whatever you want, even if what you want to be is a bit unorthodox or a bit less mainstream than what some are used to seeing. I’m for it, as long as your existence isn’t dedicated to pissing everyone off and making people miserable. We’ve got enough trolls; we don’t need anymore. Without getting to philosophical, this Quickies playlist is one that’ll move you, get you to move, and get you to move on if you’re stuck on something you can’t seem to let go of. Once you do that (move, I mean), you’re free to do whatever you darn well please. Age, race, origin, orientation, sexual identity–while these things are important, they shouldn’t be things that hold you back from achieving your goals in life. Just do it, like the Nike ads used to say.

I promise, I’ll try my damnedest to eventually get back to Quickies with actual reviews. For now, bear with me, as the site and the world are going through some things.

Speed on the Beat

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